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Meanwhile, Over At Dread Media....#598

This week Des sits down with the man who got horror in our musicals and helped turned Saw into a major franchise, Darren Lynn Bousman!  Listen in as Bousman talks about his new film St. Agatha and his ‘augmented reality’ projects The Tension Experience, The Lust Experience and Theater Macabre.  Then Duane joins Des for a dose of urban fantasy, German style with 2017‘s meta(?) romp Snowflake.

The trailers are below, as is Bousman introducing you to some of the interesting characters you’ll meet in The Tension Experience and, because I like hearing Anthony Stewart Head sing, a song from Repo: The Genetic Opera.

Listen to Dread Media #598 here

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THE MOVIES OF MY LIFE PHASE ONE: Candidates for 1971

Okay, so 1971...

The interesting thing for me is in compiling this list of four candidates brought to my attention that a number of films I absolutely love were made this year--among the ones I saw on the service I’m using to access these films were The Abominable Dr. Phibes (one of my favorite films, period), Get Carter (ditto) Straw Dogs (also ditto), The Beguilded (so, so ditto), The French Connection, A Clockwork Orange and Shaft.  There are a couple of films I’m holding back for my Dread Media Patreon Exclusive Podcast The Horrors of My Life, and one--Wake In Fright--I hope to do a discussion with noted Ozploitation Royalty Brian Trenchard-Smith sometime in the future.  I suspect from here on in that my choices for films I’ve never seen before will be narrower and maybe more esoteric.

1971 is also the source of one of my earlier movie experiences.  My natural father once arrange for the daughters of his boss to take me to a matinee screening of Hercules In New York at the City Li…


Now that we’re entering the 70‘s on this little experiment, I am once again confronted with the question of why I am so in love with African American cinema of the decade or, as it’s popularly known, ‘blaxploitation.’  Granted, I have always had an affinity for what could be termed ‘black culture’; I’d chalk this up to growing up in Highland Park, Brooklyn, a very integrated neighborhood but I suspect this goes above and beyond just growing up in such a place.  I was once told by a hip-hop artist I was interviewing back in the 90‘s that he appreciated talking to me because I was knowledgeable and affectionate toward the culture without trying to pretend I’m part of it, but I wonder if my affection comes from its ‘otherness.’  Am I fetishizing what I am not in my celebration of this genre, and have I been doing this my whole life?

I bring this all up because it was fairly clear right from the start that I would be watching this, the second of three films featuring Sidney Poitier as Lt…

Meanwhile, Over At Dread Media....#597

After all the excitement of Action January, it’s time to return to some basic slice-n-dicing kinda horror Blumhouse Style!  First Des and Darryll take in the 2014 remake of the grindhouse classic The Town That Dreaded Sundown.  Then I chime in with a review of 2017‘s Happy Death Day and try not to focus solely on the awesomeness that is Jessica Rothe.

The trailers are below, as is a discussion of the Texarkana Moonlight Murders, the real case that inspired The Town That Dreaded Sundown!

Listen to Dread Media #597 here


For a change of pace this month, I decided to ask my good friend Patrick of Scream Queenz: Where Horror Gets Gay to choose the film Virginia and I could give my hapless specimen to torture--EDUCATE! I mean educate him with.  Knowing my love of musical theater, Patrick decides to inflict--SHARE!  I mean share with Chris a bizarre Paramount Pictures production known as The First Nudie Musical.  It’s an old-style putting-on-a-show kinda musical, only...there are copious naked people.

Only in the 70‘s folks. 

That’s also the only way I can explain Diana Canova’s winge-worthy .accent and the extended Brando joke. 

Now with added Richie Cunningham!

You can find this phase of my grand experiment here

Thanks, Patrick, for participating in...The Honeywell Experiment!!!  Please check out his biweekly, bi-friendly, primarily gay, totally Fabulous podcast at the link provided...he. Is. Great.


As some of you may know, my favorite TV Show of all time is The Avengers.  Originated in 1961 by Sidney Newman (who would also help create a little show you may have heard of called Doctor Who--this guy had some instincts) as a way to retain Ian Hendry, the lead of Police Surgeon, it started out as a fairly conventional suspenser with Hendry’s doctor helping out a mysterious spy played by Patrick MacNee.  But during the years it ran, The Avengers morphed into something of its time, and yet of the most distinctive products of the Spymania that overtook the mid-60‘s.

I imprinted on the show when I watched the reruns on WWOR-TV here in New York.  Back then, we Americans only had access to the last four (?)* seasons of the show, most of which featured my First Super Crush, Diana Rigg as Emma Peel.  As I grew up, I found ways to watch the show whenever it was presented--late at night as part of CBS’ Friday night programming; waking up at 3a.m. during college when WABC prese…

Meanwhile, Over At Dread Media....#596

We’re hunting down movies about hunters hunting the most dangerous prey in this week’s episode.  To finish up our celebration of Action January, Des and I cover John Woo’s direct-to-Netflix return to...form(?), Manhunt and the Brian Trenchard-Smith Ozploitation Classic Turkey Shoot!

The trailers are below, as is the music video for Demon Hunter’s ‘The Last One Left Alive’

Listen to Dread Media #596 here